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What is included in the cost of my granite memorial? Each quote for a granite headstone includes the sandblasted or etched name, a birth date, date of passing and an epitaph. Graphics and design elements are quoted as an additional charge and will depend on the size of the graphic. Delivery and installation of the monument is over and above the cost of the monument itself. Your counselor can give you more information on installation and delivery. Some cemeteries insist on handling the installation of all monuments themselves, so you will need to confirm with the cemetery first.
Can I place any shape, size and color of memorial? You will want to first check with the cemetery caretaker as to the regulations on what is allowed, and if there are any restrictions. Some will only allow flat markers to be placed flush with the ground, others are more flexible in their regulations.
Why do the prices vary so much from one memorial to another? Granite memorials differ in prices based on color, shape and size. Some granite is not readily available from our domestic suppliers, and has to be imported from other countries, which will increase the price. Please contact us or one of our memorial counselors for a no-obligation quote.
Why are installations not done in the winter? Installing memorials must be done during the summer season. The ground must be dry and frost free for our equipment to be on the cemetery grounds. Foundations needing to be dug in must be done when weather conditions are favorable. This cannot happen when the ground is frozen or wet.
When will my order be installed? The production and installation of a memorial depends on many factors. First the granite if not in stock needs to be ordered. The design department will provide a layout, which requires a signed approval. The order is then produced at our shop, and finally scheduled for installation along with other orders being placed in the same areas. Keep in mind weather can cause delays in our installation schedule. For “in stock” items delivery will be 6-8 weeks. Custom or special-order pieces will be 8-14 weeks.
Who may purchase the memorial? Should this question arise out of uncertainty, the first on the order of priority is the personal representative designated in the will of the deceased. The following order of priority is the spouse, adult child, parent/guardian, adult grandchild, adult brother or sister, and the list continues. If in doubt, your memorial counselor can assist you.


We certify that your memorial is manufactured from the finest quality granite, and that this granite does not contain hidden flaws that would make it susceptible to cracking or disintegration due to climate or seasons.

We further certify that the carving and workmanship are of the highest quality. We guarantee to replace or repair, free of all expense to the purchaser or to the heirs or representative of the estate of the person memorialized should this memorial be defective under the terms of this guarantee.

We are not responsible for damage or staining resulting in neglect or damage by others, or sudden destructive weather conditions and natural disasters. In the event of any work done on this memorial by another entity after installation this guarantee becomes null and void.

Concrete, Bronze, and Stone Paint are not included in the everlasting guarantee.