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Granite is the most commonly used stone for creating memorials. It is impervious to cold, heat, staining or weathering so it retains its original beauty and withstands the test of time. Granite can be sculpted or carved into various shapes and is very versatile. Peace Country Memorials uses the finest granite from Domestic and Imported suppliers. All of our granite is covered by our everlasting guarantee.



Granite monuments can be made in many different shapes and sizes. Most monuments are available in individual and companion sizes. Granite headstones are available in these shapes:


Flat Marker

These markers are 3” thick and are set flush with the ground or placed on a granite foundation.


Pillow Marker

Pillow markers are set flat and may be placed on a foundation with or without a base. Pillow markers are sloped from 6"-8” high at the back tapering to 3"-5” in the front. Some pillows are in unique shapes, such as the shape of an open book.


Upright Monument

Upright monuments are set vertically on a granite base. An upright monument can be 4”-6" thick at the top and have a uniform thickness to the base.


Hickey Monument

Hickey monuments are 3” thick at the top and increase to either 6” or 8" thick at the base.


Typically, the face and the back of a monument are polished, smooth and shiny. You have the option of leaving the edges and top as a natural rough finish, or having these polished as well. Your monument can be polished on:


2 Sides

Front and back


3 Sides

Front, back & top


5 Sides

Front, back, top & sides

Design Elements

A monument can be personalized to reflect the personality of your loved one. Family heritage, life’s accomplishments, interests and hobbies, character, or faith can all be incorporated into the design of the monument. This can be done using images and words. If you cannot find a suitable design in our catalogue, our design specialists can also create a custom design for you which will reflect your loved one’s unique personality.

Lettering Techniques

We use two different techniques for adding lettering and graphics to the granite stone: sandblasting and laser etching.



Sandblasting is suitable for granite of all colors. Sandblasting is a process where we use high air pressure and force sand through a nozzle to carve the design and lettering into the granite.


Laser Etching

Another technique we use for both lettering and graphics is laser technology. Precise detail of the laser allows us to incorporate almost any graphic into the design of your monument. In order to ensure high quality results with the best contrast, laser etching is done on black granite only.