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A Columbarium is a granite structure which contains niches for the storage of urns. We offer larger Public Columbaria as well as smaller private Family Columbaria. Different colors, shapes, and sizes are available. Our columbarium units are Canadian made and come with a full perpetual warranty!

Why choose Peace Country Memorials for your columbarium project?

Project Management

Our team can work with your cemetery to help manage your columbarium project. You may need help determining which size is best for your cemetery or you may want to reserve space in your plans for another columbarium in the future. Whatever it may be our team can help with these decisions.


The columbarium needs a solid foundation for long term support. We can handle contracting out the foundation or your cemetery association can handle it. We can help with the specifications of the foundation to be sure that it will support the columbarium for years to come. You may want to consider making the foundation large enough to accommodate benches or future columbaria.


Our columbaria come preassembled. Installation requires the lifting by crane and placement onto the foundation. All of our columbaria include installation at the cemetery. We coordinate installation with the cemetery to be sure everything is ready for the installation day.

Shutter Engraving

Our shutter engraving service is handled in house at our shop in Rycroft, AB. With the purchase of your columbarium, you will be provided with spare blank shutters. We can store them until engraving is needed. The families can contact us directly to place an order for the engraving service. When ready, we deliver the engraved shutter to the cemetery or drop off location (the cemetery is responsible for installation on the columbarium).